Dr. P.Y. Sun

The Face of True Health Care Reform: A Physician and Patient’s Perspective by P.Y. Sun, M.D. M.Div. gives the perspective that matters for True Health Care- the Provider’s and the Patient’s. Dr. Sun is a published physician from NYU with articles in Visual Neruoscience, Diagnostic Cytopathology, Acta Cytologica, The Testament (poetry), and Nutrition and Preventive Medicine Quarterly. She has designed internet informational sites, including her business, SUN Therapeutic Medicine: www. paraneesungracious.webs.com. Dr. Sun is the recipient of awards in her field, such as the NYU Award for Service, and is a prolific speaker, having addressed 100’s in public forums. –This text refers to the paperback edition.

The HANDBOOK of Sexuality: a Semi-humorous Guide to Human Sexuality

Are you having a dating emergency? Or just don’t understand what the relationship is about? Find out why you were thrown off by the person’s sexuality-not just their looks, charm, or money. Are you really dating a prude, and are you wondering why there is no passion? Is he just a prostitute, there to take advantage of what you have to offer and is not really worth it? Break open this book in case of dating confusion or during a bad breakup. We journey together, with a little bit of laughter, to explore the different types of sexualities out there and to help identify the healthy ones.

The TRUE Face of Health Care Reform: A Physician and Patient’s Perspective

Health care is in a crisis and it affects more than 307 million people just in the U.S. Health is not just about fighting a disease, but about healing the whole person.
The TRUE Face of Health Care Reform talks about what health truly is, the necessity of the patient as the cental decision-maker, and models a care format based on the U.S. balance of power of the 3 branches: executive, judicial, and administrative.
The TRUE Face of Health Care Reform has a balanced face of M.D.s, Academics, and Assistants. The book focuses on the Parient-Physician relationship.
Ancient wisdom is explored to expand on our knowledge of what health encompasses, including wholeness and strength.