Dr. Dorothy Travis Moore

Dorothy Travis Moore has brought a unique richness to her educational journey for over 35 years. She founded Travis Academy in December 1996 and served as its President and CEO with 20 years of devoted service to this organization helping at risk students find their potential and place in society. Her educational background has produced many different titles and roles as Principal, Administrator, Special Education Teacher, Therapist, Businesswoman, and Minister gaining the attention and respect from leaders, peers, students and the community. Dorothy also served as a National Educational Consultant with the prestigious National School Safety Center working as their advocate to promote a secure, safe, peaceful and nurturing environment for children. Dorothy uses another platform as motivational speaker to bring awareness to her field of expertise in handling at risk students and has shared her message to national and international audiences. Her belief is everyone has a purpose in life, and we must work hard to fulfill the purpose set before us, especially if it includes working with the at-risk or challenged students. Some of the awards she has received are Top Principal of Leadership, Who’s Who Among Executives and Professionals in the United States, University of Wisconsin Distinguished Alumni Award and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Central Regional Director’s Outstanding Educator Award to name a few. These many honors chronicle a lifetime spent addressing the needs of children and families who live with financial and emotional instability. This pioneer woman has enjoyed her passion to educate students over the years, but states that her greatest accomplishment comes from helping children and families! “One hundred years from now nobody will care about the type of house you lived in, or the kind of car you drove, what will matter is, “Did you make a difference in the lives of children?”

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