Donnabelle Pineda

Donnabelle Pineda, author of “The Dragon and Rat Tale” was born in the Philippines during the year of the rat. She grew up in San Francisco where she started writing nursery rhymes for her English class “ Show and Tell” during her high school years. She had always wanted to publish her show and tell assignments except that she had lost the entire suitcase of her work.

Now that she is a grandmother of three, she imagined herself reading to her grandchildren a bedtime story.  Not just a bedtime story, but her own version of a fairy tale narrated in her own voice.

Her life has not always been peachy, in fact still working on her career. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Healthcare Administration, she is not where she thought she would be, but her vision helped materialize her deepest passion. When she was laid off from work and had time to manifest her dreams and was able to compile a love story inspired by Chinese zodiac compatibilities, within a two-week time she completed her first manuscript.

Not only that her grandkids have read and enjoyed the story, The Dragon and Rat Tale picture book has great lessons in building a strong foundation, and this is the legacy she ought to leave them with.

Whenever Donnabelle is not writing, she spends time with family going to adventurous places.

The Dragon and Rat Tale

A heartfelt fable story, also a fairy tale about two creatures who were destined to find true love by means of defending their kingdom and learning more about themselves through each other.

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