Dirdura Wynn

Dirdura Wynn, pin name is Ms.Wynn.  She is  married to Mr.David Wynn,  they have 6 children and on October 8, 2021, they  celebrated 32 years of marriage. Her family attends Greenville Ave. Church of Christ, in Richardson Texas.  Ms. Wynn has taught infants, toddlers and is currently teaching the 4-6th grade bible class.   She entered the  Early Childhood Education field, February 10, 2010.  She owns and directs,and operates her home based  Child Care name,Wynn’s Child Care.

Ms. Wynn’s inspiration flowed from her educational journey, in the early childhood field and the desire to teach young children.

She has written and sold many poems, one can be found in the Anthology, entitled- The Kente Cloth, The African American Voice in Texas-Published in 1995.  The Poem is entitled “The Cycle”. Her poems are on life’s struggles and God’s blessings.  May her inspirational words of love and hope flow to her audience.

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