Diana Grippo

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Diana currently works in for sales for Apple.  She has been dealing with bipolar disorder for more than three decades from the manias to the depressions. Now she shares her very personal journey along with practical techniques on tips of coping skills for both people who are depressed and/or manic and the people who support them in her book Bipolar Chronicles: From Crazed to Content.

Diana She graduated from UCLA in Economics and got her Teaching Credential at Dominican University of CA.  She taught high school English, Psychology, and Computer Applications for several decades and joined Apple in 2012. 

Diana also ran a mentor program called Youth Outreach Media Mentor Program (YOMMP.)  YOMMP showed students how to write, storyboard, direct, edit, shoot, and produce shorts, documentaries, and feature films. With mentors’ help, students chose a cause they were passionate about, and after the production wrapped, they created action and activism plans to further their cause.

She works in Palo Alto, CA and lives in Mountain View with her cat, Lucky.Her book is available on Amazon.

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