Denise C. Herndon Harvey

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Denise C. Herndon Harvey is a published author who has a passion for writing about God’s grace. She is the author of the children’s book, “Growing up Sassafras -Where is my daddy?” and her newest book, “Emergence of Me – Discovering My Identity and Courage Within.” When she writes, she incorporates many factors such as faith and hope in God, and the principle that the family can be restored. Denise has been guest on the Daily Spark TV, The Kingdom View, Conversations that Make a Difference, as well as featured in SwagHer Magazine, Glambitious, and AJ3 Report.

Denise is a graduate of Liberty University, and holds a Master of Arts Degree in Human Service Counseling – Family Advocacy & Public Policy. In addition, she also earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology – Christian Counseling, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology – Crisis Counseling, with a minor in Biblical Studies, and a certification in Mental Health Coaching. Denise has a coaching program called Emerge and Restore, helping women that have lost hope, and have found themselves stuck in the middle of life, figure out that it’s not too late for their life to become all God has for them, emerge and restore and seize their abundant purposed filled life.

Denise and her retired Air Force husband, have been married for 38 years, and they two adult kids and five grandchildren. Her website is, and her coaching website is Denise can be reached by email at

Denise C. Herndon Harvey

Growing Up Sassafras: Where is My Daddy, Emergence of Me: Discovering My Identity and the Courage Within

Growing Up Sassafras: Where is My Daddy

Wisdom and love from grandparents. This is a different kind
of family story! It is one that most never hear of in public, but
so many families experience in private. Often we read and hear
the testimonies about the determination of a strong mother or
grandmother that guided her family along, through the pain and
sorrow, no money, no education and no hope. Yet, with much
wisdom and determination, made it and so did her children.
Grandmother Mildred is that character in this book, but she is on
the different side, she is standing back watching her daughter’s
emotional turmoil erupt in her granddaughter’s life. It is about
the best for your child, every child. To have the love, care and
support of a parents and family, believing for hope and healing
for every child!

Emergence of Me: Discovering My Identity and the Courage Within

To inspire boldness in a person’s walk with the Lord by sharing my story. It was a story that I was afraid to write and afraid to even unearth in my head. As I continued to grow in Christ, I began to understand just how important it is to understand exactly who we are and what we have been called to do in this life that God has blessed us to live. Ask, believe, speak, and begin to watch your life change once your mind begins to change. Your change will come with your changed thoughts, and what you then allow to enter your mind and come out of your mouth. Our words have now formed our world known as our current life. Our change can begin by guarding our thoughts and what we allow to seep out of our mouth, escaping into the atmosphere and mixing with unbelief. We must come to believe that God not only has us, but He has the best for us, even before our feet hit the ground. If you fall, roll over, get back up, and do it again and again and again. We are enough!