David Mell

David A. Mell is the oldest of three children and science has always dominated his life. As a high school student for his science projects, he designed and built an original Heart-Lung Machine. The project earned him numerous awards and allowed him to participate twice in the International Science Fair. He has led a diversified life For example, He joined the United States Navy and worked as a sailor, medical hospital corpsman, and laboratory technologist and retired from active service with an honorable discharge. His interests turned from medical towards teaching and he became an accredited teacher for Middle School and High School.

He motivated his students to achieve varied goals and many of his students learned how to create their own pathways towards success. As a teacher he earned many nicknames with one of his favorite “Daddy” which given to him by his students. The nickname is a title which reveals his personality in helping and caring for others. He believes in continual learning and his life’s motto is “Life is an illusion.” This motto can best be understood by reflecting upon the continually changing times of our perceived reality and our beliefs which are continually being modified in all aspects. Experiment Thrae is a book that took over fifty years to complete and reflects knowledge learned during this time.

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