Cleveland O. Eason

Cleveland O. Eason is the son of a US Army First Sergeant, who completed two Vietnam combat tours and was a US Army boot camp drill instructor before retiring with 20 years of honorable service. Mr. Eason entered the US Navy at the height of the Cold War and obtained the rank of chief petty officer after just nine years of service. Mr. Eason obtained the rank of Lieutenant Commander before retiring from active duty with 23 years of honorable service. While on active duty, Mr. Eason had tours in the Asian Pacific region, Southwest Asia and deployed on US Navy surface ships in both the Atlantic and Pacific theaters of operations. Mr. Eason’s military overseas and stateside assignments, ports of call and post-military retirement entrepreneur pursuits, contributed to his ability to have positive interactions with people from all walks of life. His introspective reflections of those interactions allowed him to gain key insights into human behavior.

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