Chris Kline

The author when at 19 finds herself on the Rolling Stones plane. Last stop NYC.

She decided to give up her career as a horse trainer and became the party girl. One night after dinner a voice called to her and entered her with a brilliant light claiming to be God. The spirit stayed with her for nine years channelling and writing hundreds of pagers by automatic writing. She moved in the supernatural warfare. It was this life experience that led her to write this fiction book

SOULWARS:  We all are in the heavenly battle. How do we protect ourselves as evil thrusts its power into people?

Soul Wars

The characters and situations will hold the reader’s attention because they are so common and believable. Have you noticed in your family line one generation to the next besetting habits, tempers, abuse, poverty, cancer, or early deaths? This story shows the trail of evil and good spirits in the lives of four families. It is shocking how evil spirits can manipulate family members to turn against each other, but on the other hand, angels prevent some of the evil before and during the encounter. Through characters like ourselves read and see how they operate even in a normal family.

Every once and a while a new author comes out with a realistic novel that will entertain you over a couple of nights and then some. The characters are likeable and some just plain evil.

Those such characters are in this book, and you will find yourself rooting for some and hoping for demise with others. Of course, some must get killed off. Most of the events, good and bad are common to us all. Temptations, lust, anger, and fear emerge triggered by outside influence and even accidental death. Behind the scenes orchestrating mishaps or challenging good choices are angels of various, and motives. Spirits will get permission to activate and agitate the family’s unchecked emotions. The story revolves around four families in the Midwest that from grandparents down there is a line of deception out to control destinies. They all are walking in the supernatural by choice and set them up to fail or succeed. As you let your mind wrap around the people of this town, you may think of someone you know or even yourself being led in the same direction.

In the spirit world, much activity, good or bad are possible by permission and the schemes are directed toward humans. Young and old alike. Sometimes these supernatural creatures illuminate in our sphere just for moments or stay with a family for generations. We are all subjected to them just like the families in our story.

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