Cecile Ouellet

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Cecile Ouellet was raised in Moapa, Nevada in the midst of the Moapa Valley Paiute Indian reservation. Her family moved to southern California in 1946. She attended Chapman University, where she earned a bachelor of music degree in 1959 she began working for an educational music company in Los Angeles before being hired to develop a band. Orchestra and choral music department in a music store in Denver, Colorado. For five years, she represented 20 music publishers in a ten-state territory, traveling in a 28” motorhome. In 1985 she earned a master’s degree in adult Christian community development from Regis university and began working for her church as coordinator of outreach ministries. During this time, she graduated from the institute of children’s literature. She retired in 1994. She believes we could learn much from our native people.

The Days of Mawatani: The Boy Who Turned Himself Around

What was life like for a young Oglala boy at the turn of the 19th century? Join Mawatani, as he struggles on his journey to manhood amidst tragedy, injury, rebellion, discovery, games, a buffalo hunt, spiritual awareness, and acknowledgment of the realities of life that must be faced. Meet his friends and his people, who help him realize his potential. The story follows the times of enthusiasm, exhilaration, and fun, and those of discouragement, frustration, and fear. This all leads to Mawatani’s first vision quest and a message of who he is to become. Come, join Mawatani and become a part of his story!