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Carol Wilson-Mack holds a Master’s degree in Communications Arts from New York Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of the Long Ridge Writers Group.

Carol is also a Registered Professional Nurse, and works as a Educator in the Health Care Industry, focusing on Staff education. She has completed a Doctorate in Divinity, which enhances her inspirational script writing abilities.

She has authored several stage scripts, which have been produced in New Jersey, Baldwin, NY, New York City, and the Bronx, NY. She has also written a screen play which she plans to put into production. She has produced several CD’s, one of Gospel music featuring Ms. Stella Bobian, and one of poetry, where she reads words of poet/writer the late George Edward Tait.

She was the writer and artistic director for the television show “Woman Of The Week” which highlighted ordinary women doing extraordinary things.The show aired on cable television for more than ten, receiving in 1994 the CAPE, (Cable Award for Programming Excellence).

Carol is currently directing a stage play, entitled “Sly Fox” with special arrangements with Samuel French Inc., in New York City.

Carol Wilson-Mack

Fan Loyalty, Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations

Patchwork: Conversations Between Generations

“Patchwork” represents the stories and lives of women living in rural Bamberg, South Carolina during a time period of approximately 1939-1959. These God centered women created an atmosphere that allowed the participants to help their families. Quilting was their point of focus; however this activity provided an opportunity to share their challenging stories.
Patchwork encourages us to find a way to bridge the gap between generations. Both groups the youth and the elder must be open to a tow-way conversation. Being the elder does mean you have a monopoly on teaching, the youth also have something to say. “Patchwork” says we should have the conversation.

Fan Loyalty

Fan loyalty chronicles the journey of a young woman as she said “I am going to meet him.” She did not know it at the time, but the man she was speaking about was the singer Brook Benton. She did get to meet he, and his entire family. She shares with us that amazing journey. Fan loyalty reminds us how important words are and lets us know that the words we choose create our world. It challenges us to embrace and learn from the things that unfold in our lives. The naivet√© of the young person, the loyalty to the sound, the love that she showed and the friendships that developed is heartfelt throughout this moving and inspirational piece. Is heartfelt throughout this moving inspirational piece. Here’s what the fans have to say…. “Mr. magic, Mr. Wonderful, they don’t sing like that anymore.” Michael B. “I love his singing!” Dorothy G. “The smoothest singer, great songwriter, the best baritone ever!” Carol M. ” Brook Benton, a legend” Alma W. ” I love his music, his singing.” Irene T. “I love it’s just a matter of time and the boll weevil.” Lenis G.

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