Bill Cagle

Bill Cagle is a sixth-generation resident of Pickens/Cherokee County, Georgia. A history enthusiast, Bill serves as president of the Pickens Historical Society. He regularly gives lectures on the history of Georgia’s marble industry. He draws inspiration and wisdom from his childhood experiences touring the quarries with his grandparents and hearing stories told by family members who worked in and around the Georgia marble industry.

The Road to Georgia Marble How the Federal Road Led to Discovering Georgia’s Marble Industry

“The Road to Georgia Marble” is an informative and concise history on Georgia’s marble industry and the company that created a monopoly. It begins with the construction of the Federal road built through Cherokee land, leading to the removal of the tribes of Native Americans. Cagle shows through his own words, as well as photographs and documents collected, how marble went from a rock found underneath the soil to a booming industry coveted by so many.