Betzy Cordoba

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Pastor Betzy Córdoba, situated at the crossroads of faith and community outreach, is the heart and soul behind Besem Church Ministries in Palo Alto, California, and the impactful Manos Unidas Foundation. Originally from Guatemala, she grew up in dire poverty with limited access to education, managing to complete only up to the fourth grade. At 16, she migrated to the United States, where she seized the opportunity to finish her high school education. Later on, she enlisted in the U.S. Army and, following her service, continued her academic pursuits and worked across various industries. In 2007, she heeded her call to serve God full-time, embarking on her missionary journey in 2011.

Equipped with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theological Studies, she has shone brightly, guiding many with God's word and offering solace to those in search of hope. Her missionary endeavors, via the Manos Unidas Foundation, have etched lasting impressions from Southeast Asia and Africa to Central and South America. Her written contributions to churches in these regions are significant, with books such as "Código Chayil" El ADN de la Mujer Radiante Alef Tau, “El Despertar de Los Valientes”, "The Awakening of The Brave", and the "Codigo Chayil Devotionals Collection" documenting her spiritual odyssey. Residing in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pastor Betzy treasures moments with her husband David, their two daughters, and the joy brought by their two grandchildren.
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