Antonio Davis

Inventor, Entrepreneur, and Author, Antonio M. Davis, Sr. M.A. serves as Program Director at the Jubilee Family Development Center in Lynchburg, VA. He is a graduate of Liberty University with a M.A. in Human Services. He received his B.F.A. in Design from Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA. His past experiences include:

Day Treatment Counselor, Mental Health Supports Counselor, Intensive In-Home Counselor, Counselor of the year 2012, and site coordinator- The Madeline Centre, Inc., Domestic Violence Group Facilitator- Blue Ridge Counseling Group, LLC., Mental Health Professional- Centra Health, Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.  

How To Eat A Booger

How To Eat A Booger is about a boy named Kenny who had a birthday party at his home. His friends enjoyed lots of food, snacks, cake, juice, and games until it was time to leave. Kenny soon realized that his room was a mess, and he was left to clean it by himself. It seemed to be too much for him to do by himself, so he panicked for a moment, but soon realized that if he made a list, took a deep breath, he could start by taking small steps. Bishop Desmond Tutu once said, “There is only one way to eat an elephant, a bite at a time.

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