Anna G. Showunmi

Anna G. Showunmi is a Liberian by birth. She was born November 19, 1995, raised and started her early education in Liberia. During the Liberian 2003 war, she fled along with her parents to Nigeria, where she spent six years learning their way of life and her native language. As a child, she developed an early interest in writing and often told stories to her classmates whenever permission was granted by her teacher. In 2007 after the war, she came back to her motherland and continued her education.

In high school, she not only read the news but also volunteered in a journalism program and did a period of broadcasting on the radio. As an only child, Anna became accustomed to creative writing and became more interested in reading different books whenever she was alone. She made several journals of every moment she shared with family, friends, and loved ones as a record of the pleasant, happy, and emotional moment with the aim of bringing those memories to life by writing.

She graduated high school at the age of 17 and spent three years in college as an accounting student before traveling to the United States. It has been her dream to tell stories and have a book of her own. Coming to the U.S. also changed some aspects of her life. Now she wishes to become a nurse as she studies at Northshore College.

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