Angelica Galbraith

Through all the pain of every monster that came through her life, this book is about a sister who tried to protect her brothers and herself from the constant devastating abuse and a mother who didn’t know how to love. Losing hope in herself and knowing they would never be rescued finally made her indestructible. Never giving up, working hard, and praying every day finally brought greatness intro their lives. This book will show you that it doesn’t matter what your background is, who your family and friends are, or how much money you have. Your next morning is always a new day, and a new day is always a new beginning. Never give up because everyone has a story.

My Cries Of Yesterday

This book is a true story of triumph against the challenging and devastating events of darkness that took place in a woman’s life. With God and her brothers along her side, her strength became unbreakable. Every woman and man will find inspiration, encouragement and hope by reading her successful battles. This book will bring you a heart whelming experience.

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