Amir Tariq Khan

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In 1990, at age 12, Amir Khan created this fictional story while in 6th grade at his elementary school, IL. The school district selected Amir’s story to represent it for 6th-grade submission to Illinois Young Authors Conference.

After many years, Amir’s parents stored the original manuscript in a safe deposit box. They gave him the original manuscript for his 40th birthday.

In hopes that this story will inspire young authors to pursue and create their own stories, Amir was motivated to publish this simple work and share it with the world. He also is honored to share this experience with his daughters who re-illustrated the book.

A child of immigrant parents: mother from Jalisco, Mexico and father from Pakistan. His family originates in Chicago. Currently lives in Southern California.

Currently, Amir works in Information Technology. He has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Northern Illinois University and a Master’s in Computer Information Systems from Northwestern University. When possible, Amir is also an adjunct professor teaching technology at the collegiate level. He hopes to author future stories in fiction and nonfiction.

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