LA TIMES Festival of Books

Help your favorite authors take their stories to the next level, one book fair at a time.
Continue the journey at the LA Times Festival of Books.

April 23-24 2022, University of Southern California

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ReadersMagnet is excited to be back at the Los Angeles Times: Festival of Books 2022.
The next installment of The Festival of Storytellers heads to sunny Southern California to be a part of the largest event of its kind. Storytellers from all walks of life gather to share ideas, find inspiration, and connect with each other during the weekend-long festival. Be a part of this inspiring event to share your love for the literary arts and discover a host of authors from the ReadersMagnet community.

Fifteen of ReadersMagnet’s talented authors will be showcasing their books throughout the weekend, offering an in-depth look into their creations. Learn about their writing processes and the journeys that their intriguing stories took from idea to fruition.

Authors that will be presenting at Festival of Storytellers are:

W. Clark Boutwell is a gentleman of a certain age who has spent most of the time since he was eighteen-years-old learning to be a physician, practicing his craft, and teaching it to others.

In the middle of his seventh decade, he was seized, as these things will happen to men of a certain age, with the conceit to write.

What was initially planned to be a short story, a large work for a novice writer, eventually morphed into a two-book and then a three-book series: Old Men and Infidels.

He is fascinated by how the narrative of history is forgotten, used, abused, invented, denied, transmitted, warped and generally dealt with rather shabbily.

To “use up” the OMAI world, two more books are in the works. The Silence and the Gods is in editing and (W/T) Unity Ascending is well started. (See Why Omai).

He lives with his bride of 40+ years (when he is not working and she tolerates him) in rural Alabama near Montgomery. He is a believer, long distance hiker, climber, traveler, bad poet and worse wit.

You have been warned.

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