Why You Have to Be on Social Media as an Author

Making your book available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, ReadersMagnet, and other online bookstores help you gain profit. However, have you thought buyers would need further information about you and your book before adding your item to the cart? That includes finding you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Avid readers desire to find out more […]

Taking Part in Virtual Book Fairs

Have you had any experience in partaking in book fairs during the pandemic? Whether you have or you haven’t, it’s never too late to get up and participate, for there are multiple book events that await you! Many alterations and adjustments were made in order for book lovers and authors to continue commemorating literature through […]

How Attending Book Fairs Help Your Branding and Marketing

Book fairs are not only made for books and authors. They are also designed to connect the literary world to the real world of humans thirsty for knowledge, information, and entertainment. With that, book fairs offer many opportunities for you to connect with people; first, to authors and publishers, and second, to illustrators, marketers, literary […]

Choose Your Adventure with The Festival of Storytellers

Social media platforms offer several options to tell your story and your book to a wide audience. The Festival of Storytellers (TFOS) comes in to maximize social networks with more author-centric features. It is an online podium that exists to address the demands of authors to choose how they would want to present themselves and […]

Interact, Share, and Meet Authors at TFOS Chapter 3

TFOS stands for “The Festival of Storytellers,” a Virtual Book Fair initiative by ReadersMagnet. It is an online platform where you can meet, interact, and share with authors, publishers, and book enthusiasts. It has a global reach of about a hundred thousand audiences in its previous two events. Due to the pandemic, many in-person activities […]

The Festival of Storytellers: Fueling Passion for Literature Amid Pandemic

Reading can seem like a solitary activity, but connecting with other like-minded readers can remind someone that they are never alone. And for that, many are hosting book festivals to bring readers, authors, and figures in literature together to celebrate literature. Book festivals have become a source of joy to millions across the globe. Every […]