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Trinidad Rodriguez

Trini, My Life of Poems is a collection of poems written through a span of 20 to 30 years after my divorce. Life continues as a young naive 32 year old with three children tackles life. My girls were nine and twelve and my little boy was four. I was raising three young children, working and going to UTEP to become a teacher. The poems would come to me late at night after some crisis or incident with the kids. Now as a professional mental health therapist, I can say that the poems were my way of processing the life event, trying to make sense of it. I heard this morning that when something scary or horrible is happening, God is around to help. I believe they were talking about the time the disciples were caught in a storm, and Jesus walked on water to help. Trini, my Life of Poems has a poem, “Life is like the Dark, Dark Sea”.


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