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Thomas Fargnoli

Thomas Fargnoli is a retired systems engineer, a magician, a teacher, and a former deacon in the Catholic Church. Now as a writer, he combines his experience making complex ideas understandable, both through his humor and simplified diagramming techniques. His first book, The Deacon: An Unexpected Life, is an inspiring memoir sharing his experiences with suicide, grief, loneliness, and rejection, transforming them to hope, faith, love, and peace. His second book, Wisdom from the Wick, takes his readers to a neighborhood tavern to meet a person whose discussions on life and faith don’t seem appropriate in a neighborhood tavern, yet people come to hear him. In this new book, Magnolia – A View of Heaven, Tom takes the reader on a journey to heaven starting in his small hometown of Magnolia. Tom and his wife Dorothy live in Clarksboro, New Jersey, where they enjoy life with their children and grandchildren.

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