Satyanarayana Ganti

Adventures of Moti is a fantasy series written for children ages 2 to 14. The first book describes how the little birdie not even two months old traveled to New Jersey from Hyderabad, India. The little birdie was able to converse with a small girl Panna in the house and was able to launch adventures. She was able to make friends with many animals both large and small. In Book 6, Moti’s friend a crow was missing. Moti along with Panna and her family set up a search party. They found the crow Shukra lying unconscious on a pear farm and protected by a group f Ravens. Shukra was taken to a veterinary doctor practicing nearby. The crow narrated the incident. Our do-ooder Moti silently goes back to the pear farm and befriends the fruit bat and her baby. This is the story of her adventure in making friends with the vicious bat.


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