Richard Ruhling

Dr. Ruhling studied medicine at Loma Linda University, a community featured on the National Geographic cover story on Longevity as the only ‘Blue Zone’ for health in North America (Nov, 2005) National Institutes of Health gave his school $40 million to learn why the community lives 7-11 yrs longer than other nonsmokers. After a Cardiology Fellowship and becoming board-certified in Internal Medicine, he returned to Loma Linda University to teach Health Science. He did Executive Health and was responsible for treadmill stress testing. While attending an American College of Cardiology Convention, he heard Nathan Pritikin report how his diet and exercise program helped 85% of people off their blood pressure and diabetic drugs while reversing heart disease. This later was the basis of the US News cover story on How to Reverse Heart Disease in 1990, featuring Dean Ornish, a California cardiologist copying Pritikin. Ruhling developed a Total Health Semnar based on healthy habits expressed by the acronym, NEW START–Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunlight, Tempeance, Air, Rest and Trust in nature. Dr. Breslow of UCLA found parallel healthy habits were good for a 30-year advantage compared to people who brother the rules, especially smoking, drinking and obesity. Ruhling has seen people reverse their disease process with better foods and a balance of healthy habits. A Blue Cross manager brought his wife to my series and said it’s the best he had seen in wellness that he works so much with


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