Richard Halvey

Richard Halvey is the author of the fictional novel The Kingpins of Riverbend. He grew up in New York, the oldest of 7 children. He earned his undergraduate degree in Geography and Economics from the University of Buffalo and his Master’s degree in Geography and Urban Planning from the University of Colorado. He has been a prominent writer for American Turf Monthly, and Horseplayer Magazine writing dozens of articles on different horseracing subjects. He also wrote a book called The Condition Sign that discussed how horses achieve top physical condition. He has participated in the prestigious National Handicapping Championship, and has been an on-screen Racing Analyst at a few tracks. Richard spent 20 years at the Colorado Air Pollution Control Division and 18 years working for the Western Governors’ Association. He’s been retired for the last 8 years and spends his time writing, refereeing high school basketball, riding horses in the mountains, and working as a golf course ranger. He is currently working on two novels, including a new Kingpins novel.


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