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Mabel Kane

Mabel Kane, author of “beauty-full, Control your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self through Menopause, a Guide for Today’s Woman,” is an educator who also coaches and supports Gen- Xers, and Millennials in the pursuit of their academic and professional goals. Mabel is an avid reader, writer, and public speaker with interests in health and wellness, environmental, global and women’s health in particular.

As an adult educator, Mabel enjoys teaching-learning with adult learners who are self-directed and motivated to succeed. Having advanced degrees in Nursing and Adult Education, and together with her many years of hands-on experience working with adult patients, positions her to understand the learning needs that are peculiar to women in the menopausal periods. Since only one dollar out of three spent on medical research goes to learning about women’s issues, many women remain ignorant of the impact of menopause on their health. Mabel wanted to write this book to help women approaching and in the menopausal periods to inform themselves so that they can use the information, make the adjustments and thus mitigate some of the undesirable consequences related to the CHANGE.

Mabel believes that if women have the information they need to make the right choices for their health, they are likely to use it. Moreover, she insists that the premise of expertise is openness and sharing. Change and growth result from that openness, and so Mabel is inspired to share her expert knowledge to enable women to lead more fun-filling lives through menopause and beyond.

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