Glennies Thomas

The Author, Glennies Thomas, is in the NYC Board of Education, certified as a paraprofessional. However, her career trade and skill set is as an Accessories Designer; designing and making handbags, shoes, and sneakers, but she originally started as an entrepreneur; swimwear designer. She is also a graduate alumni of FIT, Fashion Institute of Technology University.

She also has life experience in wholesale and retail. She’s a native New Yorker, born in Brooklyn, New York, lived in New Jersey for a bit, and later moved back to New York, New York, where she currently lives.

She has volunteered in reading to children, community services, and participating in walks for Muscular Sclerosis, March of Dimes; Birth Defects, Zero Prostate Cancer, and last but not least, Susan G. Komen: Breast Cancer.

She has donated to Save the Children and sponsored a child and his family in Zimbabwe and now donates to Doctors without Borders and St. Jude Children Research Hospital, which are some of the selfless events she’s a part of to this day.


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