Garrison L. Moreland

Garrison L. Moreland was born and raised in New York City. He currently lives in the Bronx, where he has lived for the most of his life. After college and a number of years working in various industries, he returned to his original love of writing, which is poetry. If it hadn’t been for the late Toni Morrison’s warm and encouraging words he wouldn’t be who he is today. After many years of struggle, disappointment, and rejection Garrison discovered that it wasn’t a reflection on his writing. But it was a process that he had to go through in order to become a writer; else, he would have stopped writing long ago.


He worked hard to enhance his writing skills over the next few years, and shortly after, was fortunate to get many of his poems published, along with essays and short stories. Most recently is The Timeless Voice. In 2006 The Library of Poetry recognition collection (When The Feel Comes Closer). In 2007 The International Who’s Who in Poetry by The Library of Poetry recognition collection (Underwater Spirits Awaken).


Also, in 2007, Garrison received the International Society of Poets Merit Crystal Award Trophy and The Bronze Commemorative Award Medallion. Now, he is looking forward to his next novel being published this year, along with pursuing his Art Career as an Artist.


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