David Vancelette

God thinks on the level of symbolism when he relates to human beings. Everything we think, see, or do is in some way symbolic. The more we understand symbolism, the more we can appreciate how God feels when his symbols are broken. Abraham was called the “friend of God” because he believed what God said. When he was asked to sacrifice Isaac, Abraham obeyed immediately. If he had disobeyed, the beautiful symbolism of God the Father sacrificing his Son would have been broken.

Moses broke symbolism by striking the Rock twice instead of speaking to it as God commanded. This one act of disobedience cost Moses the right to lead Israel into the Promised Land. Quite a price for one act of broken symbolism. God obviously felt very strongly about the symbolism behind Moses’ action. The symbolism acted out by Moses was that Jesus, the Rock, would not be struck one time only, but twice. This is why God was upset. This important symbol that God wanted to portray to all Israel on the eve of their greatest victory was broken.

Homosexuality is an even greater broken symbol. This is the symbol Satan uses to make himself (symbolically) equal to God. Once you understand fully the symbolism behind marriage as covered in this book, you’ll understand why. Symbolism is the level on which Satan launches his attacks on God’s character. We simply must keep God’s symbolism unbroken if we are to have any hope of victory over Satan in this life.


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