Dan Hayashi

 Dan Hayashi graduated Chouinard Art Institute in 1970 with a BA in Fine Arts and a minor in Psychology. Chouinard was subsidized by Disney Studios & was renamed ‘California Institute Of The Arts. ‘For several years, Dan and his wife Suzanne owned & operated a publications and graphic arts company in Manhattan Beach, California, servicing the local aerospace, defense and commercial industries.

After being guided to do so, they took early retirement in the Arizona mountains in 1996. This collection of tales is a result of that spiritual calling.


In 2016, I was invited to share 5 of my 7 children’s books, by an instructor named Hope Martin at the ‘Round Valley Middle School’ in Springerville, AZ. Two preliminary sketches that were included in the tales. I read them a story, explaining how the tale developed. Ms. Martin said many of her students were obviously intrigued.

Months later, at the ‘Indian Wells Elementary School’ on the Navajo reservation, I also displayed and explained how stories are created with drawings.

In both cases, the classes from 4 to 5 time periods came and listened, while I passed around the same preliminary illustrations and shared with approximately 30-40 Native American Children. Both events were personally rewarding.


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