Carol L. Wagstaff

When families of faith hear these unexpected words from their children, “I’m gay,” or “I don’t wanna be a boy, anymore,” they become stunned and frightened, parents desperate for help. “What should we do? What can we say? Where can we find help? Who can we trust?”
Reclaim, Restore, and Rebuild: Hope for Families impacted by Sexual Brokenness offers a faith-based, interactive book, woven with real-life stories and biblical wisdom. The author walks alongside hurting family members, helping them understand what may be going on in the life of their loved one, taking them through the stages of grief, and struggles with their own faith. The biblical story of Nehemiah becomes an example of how to make this difficult journey with sexual brokenness and how to survive the unexpected adjustments that come with family crises.
A Leader’s Guide, as well as other helpful tools included in the Appendix, enrich the reader’s experience.
“Through practical studies that are caring, nurturing, and biblically focused, this book provides a well-paved plan, making way for God to unravel those painful core matters needed for personal healing and wholeness.”…James E Phn, Psy.D.LCSW


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