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Carmen Davenport

Carmen Davenport, MBA, ABD
International Empowerment Speaker
Certified Life Coach
Founder & Owner of Invincible You
United States Marine Corps Retired Combat Veteran

Carmen Davenport hails from Queens, N.Y. She is an internationally recognized author, life coach and empowerment speaker, and the founder and owner of Invincible You, her platform for reaching women with the tools that they need to identify their strengths and overcome the roadblocks keeping them from embracing their full potential. A 25-year combat veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Ms. Davenport retired in 2015 at the rank of master sergeant after serving with major contributions as an operations chief for the West Coast Field Supply and Maintenance Analysis Office; as a maintenance management officer in the First Marine Division, also servicing a combat tour in Afghanistan during the retrograde of the Marine Corps equipment and personnel; a maintenance management chief/officer while serving at the I Marine Expeditionary Force, also serving a combat tour during the Battle of Fallujah in Iraq; and a maintenance analysis officer and maintenance where she was responsible for the successful, first time deployment of the Marine Corps equipment readiness program.
Ms. Davenport is extensively decorated for her service, with a NATO Medal, eight Sea Service Deployment Ribbons, Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary and Service Medals, and two National Defense Service Medals, among dozens of other honors. Ms. Davenport has received a Presidential Unit Citation and is a four-time recipient of the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medals and Navy Unit Commendations, a six-time recipient of the Navy Meritorious Unit Commendation, as well as receiving eight Good Conduct Medals and more than half a dozen special citations, commendations, and letters of appreciation.
Ms. Davenport holds a Master of Arts in human resources with an emphasis on organizational leadership from National University where she is also a member of Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society. She is currently enrolled at Jacksonville University, Florida, where she is pursuing her doctorate in business administration with an emphasis on management where she is also a member of Beta Gamma Sigma International Business Honor Society. She is certified as a health and life coach by the International Coaching Federation. She published her first book, “The Warrior Stance: 13 Principles to Building and Living Your Ideal Family and Work Life,” in 2019. Ms. Davenport’s second book, “Your Warrior Stance: Releasing the Warrior in You,” was released this year and is currently working on her third book, “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Ms. Davenport has journaled for and contributed to local area newspapers including The Florida Star/The Georgia Star, the oldest black woman owned newspaper in northeast Florida. She has been featured in South African Her Grit Magazine, featured in and voted a Woman of Influence by Business Men and Women of Color magazine and featured as the executive spotlight for Who’s Who of Professional Women 2022, Women of Influence series. Ms. Davenport has also appeared on numerous podcasts and has appeared as a guest speaker for empowerment conferences and retreats. Prior to launching her career as a speaker and coach, Ms. Davenport created Combat Diva LLC, a line of inspirational clothing and accessories that she describes as helping to “project women’s beauty and strength which is reflected no matter the battles or struggles faced.”
As the voice behind Invincible You, Ms. Davenport strives to help her clients reveal and address hidden traumas that act as the roots of their confusion and negative behaviors. She compares the process to finding a beautiful flower choked by weeds, describing each weed as an issue with self-esteem or perseverance. Each weed stems from a root cause or event, and even after it has been removed, a hole remains that needs to be filled with positive affirmations and healing. Ms. Davenport emphasizes that until each person can fully expose and move past their root traumas, they are unable to properly heal and move forward to live their best lives. As a single parent and a survivor of childhood abuse and sexual violence, Ms. Davenport identifies her own journey and her own early struggles with self-destructive behaviors as a model for her clients. She underscores that “hurt people hurt people,” and that if her own personal recovery and transformation was possible, then it is possible for anyone to address and grow past their traumas. Ms. Davenport believes these traumas are the cause of heightened mental health illnesses which must be tackled by the exposure and healing of the traumatic root behind them.
In addition to the daily responsibilities of networking, preparing for interviews and working directly with coaching clients, Ms. Davenport is a volunteer guardian ad litem, assisting in child custody, emancipation, and visitation cases. She has received special recognition from the former Florida Governor Rick Scott for her dedication to her work and role as guardian ad litem. She explains that her philosophy is to “know your purpose. Our purpose isn’t necessarily for us; it’s about others, and the things we go through are not for us or about us, they’re going to be used for the people who interact with us.” Already a successful speaker and coach, Ms. Davenport looks forward to finishing her doctorate and starting a nonprofit organization to further spread her message and help empower others in the coming years.
Carmen Davenport’s journey began in the vibrant streets of South Bronx, New York, before her family – including her stepfather, mother, and brother – relocated to Jamaica, Queens, New York when she was just eight years old. Growing up in these challenging environments, Carmen learned invaluable lessons, but the most profound was the art of survival.
Throughout her early years, Carmen faced the harsh realities of poverty, bullying, molestation, and even rape. Her family grappled with addiction to drugs and alcohol, and she frequently found herself on the brink of life-threatening situations.
At the age of nineteen, Carmen made a bold decision and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. Her twenty-five years of service were marked by trials of rejection, disloyalty, harassment, discrimination, and injustice. Nevertheless, Carmen rose to the second highest enlisted rank, completed three commendable combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan and earned numerous personal awards, medals, and an honorable discharge.
Carmen’s unwavering commitment to fairness fueled her desire to ensure that everyone is treated equitably. She recognizes that not everyone shares her perspective, and in light of this understanding, she has documented the model that enabled her to survive and attain the life she aspired to lead. This model, coupled with over twenty-five years of military training, education, and more than thirty-five years of personal development investments, has been rigorously tested and proven effective in her own life. Carmen is now delighted to share it with you, so you can achieve similar successes without a hefty price tag.
An accomplished entrepreneur, high-level accountability adviser, spiritual and life strategist, as well as an international empowerment speaker, Carmen’s portfolio extends far beyond “Your Warrior Stance.” She applies her warrior mindset to all her endeavors, and it has become an integral part of her identity. Her mission is to help you incorporate this powerful mindset into your own life.
Stay updated on Carmen’s various projects and speaking engagements by subscribing to her email newsletter and following her on social media. If you seek guidance as a health and life strategist or require the expertise of an accountability adviser, don’t hesitate to contact Carmen through her website or email. Her passion lies in assisting others in building their confidence, reaching their full potential, and living their dream lives.

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