Woodlawn Giants

by Robert Ross Williams
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Woodlawn Giants. A story about a group of boys growing up in West Memphis, Arkansas, in the ’60’s and early ’70’s. The story begins with Daddy and Mr. Rick planting some pine trees. Those trees symbolize my lifelong friends, the Woodlawn Giants. Enjoy the trip back in time as the boys embark on several adventures to include Florida Ball, snipe hunting, and an attempt to jump the Ten-Mile Bayou. You will experience the “it takes a village” mentality that defined the everyday world the boys experienced under the watchful eye of Mrs. Mary Jane and Momma. Meet Big Phil Spicer the benevolent, larger- than- life patriarch of our gang. You will love the sassy Janice Smith, aka Skillet, quick and sharp with the tongue. Have a front row seat to the sniper operation where the entire gang comes together in a takedown of Old Man Donaldson. If you love to fish, you will enjoy the trot line stories on Dacus and Tunica Lake. Of course, anytime boys get together, there will be accidents and mistakes. We were not angels, and we learned some hard life lessons along the way. We all lived, we all learned, and it was a wonderful childhood. Miss you, Momma and Daddy. Miss you, Big Phil and the Woodlawn Giants. The pines still stand, and the memories live on.

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