Woke & Proud

by J. Marcelo Baqueroalvarez

“Woke” – I remember when I first heard this word, and I must admit that I was not sure what they meant by that. Surely enough, I was not alone – and it seems that the term has been demonized and has morphed in context no matter who cites it. I was curious so I looked into it in a manner to educate myself. Afterall, people from all walks of life seemed to be at odds when it came to “woke” – and unsurprisingly the term became more and more contentious. As I educated myself in the term, I realized it that it has become a catalyst to propagandistic efforts, and as a ride-on-wagon to a lot of opportunists. Pundits, politicians, influencers, every-day people both in the United States of America and abroad seemed to give it a politically-charged meaning. Often missing the majority of the actual context. In this book I decided to search for actual definitions. I understood that opening a dictionary and look for the term was not enough, so I went a step further and looked at the context. Hereby the historically charged level attributed to this word finally became clear. And I must say it is fascinatingly grim. History is filled with great moments, but there is no shortage of terrible deeds against humanity. And further, some of those deeds were perpetrated by misinformed individuals who in-their-minds thought they were vindicated to commit all sorts of atrocities. It is unsurprising that a lot of people who seem to have an open mind and compassion for others tend to agree with what “Woke” is supposed to represent. And it is worth mentioning that people both in the right or left side of the political spectrum could be “woke” based on their circumstances, regardless of how the label it. What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever defended your stance from being disenfranchised in a system that is unfairly rigged against you? There you go, same thing… Change is inevitable, there are some who give have misappropriated what “woke” was supposed to be and turn it into a satirical version of itself. I mentioned before, propagandists and opportunists will find a way to exploit a situation. I wrote this book because I want to create introspection, it is supposed to be a short read. The situation is emergent because there are policies, political platforms, discrimination, and other catalysts that derive from this important topic. It is called “woke” in this situation – but in reality, it is supposed to be a fight against misinformation. And that is definitely inconvenient to whomever wants to control a narrative. This outrage is profitable and can lead to all kinds of potential atrocities if not properly contextualized. This book gives context and provide a solid baseline to continue opening our minds with critical thinking and intellectual honestly.

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