WHO CONNECTS YOUR DOTS? The Power of Critical Thinking

by Jill Fandrich PharmD
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How can you “tune in” to what is really happening around you?

How can you become more educated before reaching a conclusion?

How can you “see through” the media’s persuasion and unorthodox propaganda?

Why are people really being censored?

Are you connecting your own dots?


Who Connects Your Dots? builds on the foundation of the need to think critically about what is happening in the world around you and even to you! Your eyes will be open about what the media is now permitted to “propagate” to you and for how long this has been occurring. Critical thinking is an extremely vital process of analyzing information…from opposing sides! This method of thinking is based on asking questions from an unbiased perspective, equally weighing all data. This allows you to analyze the entire scenario thoroughly and become vastly informed. You can then reach your own unprejudiced and objective conclusion without influence or persuasion from anyone else. You are in control of the information and how you respond. By learning these techniques, you will gain control of your independence and individuality and begin thinking like a leader. Not only will you be inspired, but you will actually be the inspiration for others! By internalizing these skills and strategies, you will be sure to reveal the truth and capture the attention of others, lead by your confident and influential example, and resist conformity, all while leaving a footprint that will impact and enlighten future generations.


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