When Hope Overcame the Impossible


Penned by the hand of his father, this is an epic story of a thirteen-year-old boy who refused a death sentence of brain cancer. Isaac Walsh was diagnosed with a malignant softball size brain tumor and given very little chance to live. Facing an uncertain future, Isaac’s parents joined a clinical trial at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Isaac’s treatment involved cutting-edge research-based medicine, combined with the love and compassion of the St. Jude family of healthcare professionals.

Facing death three times during his treatment, Isaac underwent twenty-one surgeries, endured four experimental rounds of chemotherapy and thirty-one treatments of radiation, to his entire brain and spine. His courage to overcome the obstacles and carnage of cancer is an inspiration to all who know him.

Due to the faithful giving of the St. Jude Partners in Hope and the hospital’s corporate sponsorships, the $3 million-dollar hospital charge was a bill Isaac’s parents were never asked to pay.

Isaac’s life represents a time when hope overcame the impossible.

Thomas M. Walsh is a former elementary school principal from Sapulpa, Oklahoma. Tom is a strong advocate for pediatric cancer research and a world traveler. Further, he is an accomplished speaker who has spoken at numerous cancer fundraising events including the St. Jude Executive Summit in New York City and the St. Jude Board of Directors meeting. Tom is currently pursuing his dream to bring hope to the brokenhearted and healing to those whose lives have been upended by the permanent scars of cancer. He hopes by sharing his family’s struggle it will further research to find a cure for this horrible disease.

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