Transformation: Moving Your Family From Sickness to Wellness


Leonora Summer Breeze Austin, Ph.D., DCC, D.Min uses wisdom passed down from her Mother and other members of her American Indian and African traditions. Dr. Austin believes that it is time for Indigenous people to heal or begin to heal from the trauma that is stored in their DNA from the evils of European colonialism and domination. She believes her people should no longer use that as an excuse to not move forward in healing in all areas of their lives. The recipes that she provides in this book will cause the readers to think and know that they must do something different to ensure that their family members are not in the “same place” 400 to 500 years from now. She believes it is time to create, and so she encourages the recipes to be modified. It is time to heal spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally and return back to the knowledge of the mighty ancestors, who walked as one with Nature. Once the Indigenous people of Turtle Island are healed, then they could heal the others.

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