Thrifty Thoughts For The Day

by Dr. Gentre L. Garmon
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In his first non-fiction inspirational book, Dr. Gentre L. Garmon seeks to capture a variety of topics that encapsulate human life and thought, seasons, and God’s imprint upon them.

Have you wondered what God’s influence on the world looks like to others?
Originally intended to be shared with his audience of parishioners in Buffalo, Dr. Garmon puts his trust and faith in God and excitedly shares a compilation of musing and philosophical leanings he hopes will provoke thought and inspire you as you read them.

In his debut book, Dr. Garmon explores topics such as:

  • Parenthood
  • Wisdom
  • Freedom
  • Discipleship
  • and more!


Through his many comments on the influence of God in every facet of life, the reader has the opportunity to come to a deeper understanding of the world around them-and how to move through it with God at the center of their actions. Readers can expect to be challenged, entertained, and comforted by the pastor’s words.

Thrifty Thoughts For The Day is a wonderful read for pastors, counselors, the faithful, and more. Transcending age and demographics, Thrifty Thoughts For The Day seeks to reach a deeper level in all readers-provoking thoughts among them as they ponder the meaning and purpose of the information and ideas presented.

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