The Very Hungry Bear

The Very Hungry Bear is centered around selfishness and respect. Bear woke up form hibernation with a big bear appetite.  She had one goal, that was to get to the stream full of the most delicious fish, but she sniffed so much more.  She trotted happily to the stream full of fish, but as our story takes a turn, because; Bear sees and eats not one but two baskets full of the most delicious fruit and vegetables; the problem is that these baskets were gathered by other animals for their families.  She gave her word to replace the food, but her stomach growled louder and louder.  Bear soon learned the importance of keeping her word and respecting others.

Beautiful birds met Bear on her way to the stream and encouraged her to keep her word and replace what she wrongfully took. They encouraged her to stop and think, before you eat; find out if Bear out if she listened.

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