The Unveiling of th Divided States of America: Introduction to the Two Competing parties: The Insane VS. The Stupid


I was concerned about the moral state of our country. I realized that without a moral compass, by taking out of our schools Bible reading and prayer, our country which was founded on the highest principles of morality has sunken to the deepest depravity of hell. The apathy of the religious and moral community of good Americans contributed to the take-over of the carefully designed plan by Marxists over the last one hundred years. Their plan to create racial wars, to rewrite our history, to destroy our families by demeaning men and creating a sexual revolution is almost being completed. In the nightly news, we can see the civil war they planned for us played out. We must fight back the Marxist and Socialist agenda that is challenging our American way of life which we have so long taken for granted. Only a determined audacious leader, supported by alert and united Americans can save America. We must rise up with good old fashioned American courage and patriotism.

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