The Ultimate Sacrifice

by Peter A. Moscovita
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A compelling story of danger, romance, hardship and commitment. Lieutenant Steven Collings is forced to crash land his aircraft in the French countryside after a fierce encounter with a wing of Luftwaffe aircraft. Wounded he is cared for by a French nurse in the hilltop village of St. Remi. Evaline Boudreau had never really experience true love before, the handsome English pilot would change that forever. Evaline uncontrollable falls madly in love with the handsome pilot. Those magical weeks sped by all too quickly but there was a raging war escalating across Europe. Would England be next to fall? Steven, leaving Evaline with a heavy heart head south to join other English stragglers escaping over the Pyrenees mountains into Spain returning home to England. Returning to his squadron Steven returns to the dangers of aerial combat. Evaline returns to nursing in Paris, always waiting for a sign Steven is still alive.

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