The Precious Blood


The Precious Blood is an amazing book by the author of The New Wine book series Matthew Douglas Pinard documenting incredible actual miracles of faith and healing that occurred in 2021 that he was personally involved in. The book opens with an incredible “precious blood” miracle that manifested in southern Utah in late fall 2020 as the author and his wife visited the St. George, Utah area for work with local retinal surgeons. This miracle is being investigated by The Vatican and it involves the covering of white handkerchief a Church server used to administer Holy Communion to a sick parishioner that resulted in the mysterious “precious blood” of Jesus Christ appearing on the handkerchief soon after the ceremony of administering the Eucharist. Matthew Douglas Pinard also documents two other incredible miracles of healing of two women in Arizona from pre-Hashimoto’s disease and the curing of another woman of a COVID 19 induced heart aneurysm following incredible appearances of angels, blue butterflies, and miraculous red hearts that appeared in the skies signaling the miracles would be approved and performed. As the world teeters on the brink of a new cold war in the south China seas and the world continues to suffer the effects of a global pandemic this book offers an incredible glimpse of the “other kingdom” and is intended to bring hope and peace to the earth.

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