The Plot to Cool the Planet: A Novel


This National Indie Excellence Awards Finalist puts global warming and climate intervention at the center of a gripping speculative fiction involving a notorious murder, a daring secret plot, and intense global conflict.

In the summer of 2020, Canadian RCMP Officers investigating the murder of outspoken climate scientist Ilsa Hartquist conclude that the motive was to silence her advocacy for a solar radiation management project to slow global warming. They are determined to find the assassins and those who paid for it.

With each passing year, the future that Dr. Hartquist predicted brings more extreme storms, shrinking polar icecaps, recurring massive floods, dangerous forest fires, and falling agricultural and fishery yields. But world leaders are paralyzed, as desires for short-term economic gain eclipse the long-term well-being of humanity.

Frustrated by global inaction and spurred on by Hartquist’s murder, diplomats from four small-island states—Maldives, Trinidad & Tobago, Mauritius, and Singapore—launch a clandestine solar geoengineering project Hartquist advocated, disregarding international institutions and procedures, in order to save humanity and their people.

Their scheme exposes a conflicting secret Russian project, causing military confrontations and forcing hard decisions by world leaders, as American and Russian UN Ambassadors struggle to avoid escalating the military and political crisis.

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