The Little Wolf Cubs’ Christmas Gift


On a crisp, snowy day in December, four playful wolf cubs set out to find a Christmas tree for their mountain den. They scamper and scurry, as wolf cubs will do. And their feathered friend WorryBird flutters and mutters with concern for their safety. She now worries more than usual because they are coming dangerously close to where the giant bear Garrumble is sleeping through the winter. Or is he? The stillness of the forest is shattered by a frightful ROAR rumbling through the mountains. “Garrowl! Garrumble” I’ve got you now” snarls the angry, hungry bear. Crashing, smashing though the trees. The snow is deep, slowing the small cubs. But then, what happens? Something unexpected. Something quite surprising, which makes even WorryBird . . . less worried. As we will learn, Christmas is a magic time . . . with magical influences.

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