The Following Storm

by Peter A. Moscovita
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The year is 1936, a young Austrian maritime office faces a decision that will change his life forever. The clouds of war are closing in all too fast. Leaving his ship without permission puts him on the run, away from the life he loved so much as a seaman! His destination was to drive to Vienna Austria to get his mother, sister, and nephew out of Europe. Along the way, he reunites with a longtime girlfriend in a romantic interlude in Innsbruck Austria before arriving in Vienna. With a very quick turnaround, he sets off once again with his mother, sister, and her baby in the car, they embark on the dangerous drive across Europe, eventually arriving in Ostend Belgium. Karl barters his car to obtain passage on a ship bound for Dover in England. His family now safe Karl seeks asylum for himself without knowing what will happen to him. The British Intelligence Service interrogates him repeatedly for three days, cross-examining him till they were satisfied they could use his skills in the British Intelligence Service. Karl eagerly accepts this opportunity to play a part in the overthrow of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler. In his new role as an agent, he is smitten by a very attractive officer also in the BIS. Karl falls head over heels in love with this beauty, their passion takes on new fire as they both train in the cold winter of Scotland before returning to the Europe Continent as embedded operatives against the Nazi occupation.

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