Thank You God for Making Me a Woman: Empowering Women for the 21st Century

by Aaron L. Raskin
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Where would the Jewish people be without the discernment and wisdom of Jewish Women — qualities they possess far in excess of men? Time and again, holy texts and real-life experience prove this. “The Talmud reveals that it was in the merit of the righteous women that our forefathers were redeemed from the land of Egypt,” writes the author. “About this, the Arizal explains that the souls of this generation are a reincarnation of those souls, and therefore, the women of this generation will once again bring about the redemption for their people.

This book aims to show that it is a mistaken belief that Judaism values the male contribution to its daily liturgy and life more than the female. In a clear and compassionate style, it lays out traditional observance and new scholarship with simple language. Ultimately, the Jewish Woman’s role as a ubiquitous force in daily life becomes clear: her power is subtle, mystical, and transformative. Her role isn’t marginal, it’s essential.

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