Textualism and Originalism in our Constitutional Republic : Second Edition

by Russell J. Rucker
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This presents a case advocating for Textualism and Originalism, a constitutional doctrine that has gained traction within the majority of the current high court. It underscores the significance of comprehending our historical origins to grasp the essence of our republic and the promised government. Delving into a paragraph-by-paragraph elucidation of the entire constitution, the primary law of the land, it explores our assured rights with the aim of fostering deeper comprehension. By highlighting the original language of the constitution in red, it facilitates a clear distinction between the actual text and the explanation of each section. The primary aspiration is to foster a more profound understanding of our intended government and glean insights into the mindset of the founding figures. Oftentimes, individuals presumed to be well-versed in this area assert claims not supported by the text or the prevailing ideas of that era. This endeavor strives to rectify such misconceptions. It strictly adheres to interpreting the Constitution based solely on the founders’ vision as articulated during the constitutional convention and the discussions surrounding the passage of each amendment. The goal is to discern the intended meaning behind each amendment at the time of its ratification.

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SFC Shoemaker

This book could be read in a couple hours if you just wanted to get thru it. I took my time to understand everything the author was trying to tie together. Very good on giving explanations and referencing material. Very well written. Author is extremely knowledgeable of the subject matter. Will be looking for other titles from this author.

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