Tending Your Own Garden: The Absolute Necessity Of Personal Piety

Tending Your Own Garden is both a caution and encouragement, primarily for pastors and Christian leaders. It cautions pastors, missionaries, and others in leadership positions to make sure that they do not get so busy in ministering to others [“helping to tend their gardens”] that they neglect their own hearts [garden]. Practical illustrations, Biblical warnings, and personal testimony make this a useful and relevant book.

The problem, oftentimes, is that the priority for personal holiness is learned in the “school of experience” after the labors in the Kingdom exhaust the laborer. They feel that their spiritual well has gone dry. Far better it would be to make this emphasis to be integral in the training process rather than to wait and go through a recovery process.

I certainly wish I had ben so “warned” before I actually began my ministry. It would have enabled me to avoid so many pitfalls. I love to minister but have a tendency to be so busy helping others that I neglect my own soul.

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