Take Charge of Your Career

by Mary Ann Chimera

Put your career on a winning track and create a job search taking into account your qualifications, your best qualities and preferences!

Take the mystery out of job searches: What should I do in what order? What goes into my resume? What about a cover letter? What exactly is an employer looking from me? What do I talk about in interviews? How do I get them?

At every step, employers’ perspectives are explained for best results.

The radically new author-designed HIGH-IMPACT Resume showcasing your assets to make your resume draw intense employer interest is laid out in detail with many examples.

Strategies for four common challenges are considered in some detail. HIGH-IMPACT TIPS, scattered throughout, help create advantages and avoid pitfalls. Where to look and how to look are laid out to aid in developing an effective job search strategy.

Your dream job doing exactly what you do best for a supportive employer is out there waiting for you. This book shows you how to find it.



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