Surviving Sibling Loss: The Invisible Thread That Connects Us Through Life and Death


In a world that doesn’t understand or want to talk much about grief, losing a sibling changes someone forever. Grieving siblings often feel alone, as much of the focus and support is geared towards their parents. With limited words to express grief, people can be left with a feeling that part of them has died too.


In 2004, clinical psychologist, Dawn DiRaimondo suddenly lost her younger brother while he was serving in Iraq.  This life-altering event compelled her to build a private practice specializing in grief and loss. Surviving Sibling Loss interweaves both her personal and professional experiences with grief. She also interviewed fourteen people that lost siblings and shared their experiences and insights. This book helps surviving siblings feel understood, validated and provides a number of ideas on ways to cope and honor their sibling.  Surviving Sibling Loss is powerful, raw and heartfelt. This is a resource for anyone that has lost a sibling and for the people in their life- parents, friends, partners, even clinicians- who want to better support and understand them.

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