Success is Ele-MENTAL: Basic Elements for Your Climb to Success

by Jill Fandrich PharmD
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How can you charismatically captivate your audience?

How can you claim a success when, on the surface, it looks like a failure?

How can you “feel” successfully revenged yet hurt no one in the process?

How can you leave the world a better place than you found it?


Success is ele-MENTAL builds on a foundation of a decluttered and positive, energy-filled mind, and defines, clarifies, and embeds FIFTY successful character qualities into your programming. You will be invigorated with clever ideas of how to turn a failed attempt into an inspirited success. You will even find ways to become positively approachable and think like a leader, and not only will you be inspired, but you will actually be the inspiration for others! By internalizing these qualities, skills, and strategies, you will be sure to capture the attention of others and lead by your confident and influential example while leaving a footprint that is sure to impact and enlighten future generations.

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